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  1. Suzy Q

    Horse show stall doors

    Hi all! For those of you who show, what do you do when you go to overnight shows? Most places have standard horse size stalls, and my minis are much happier when they can look out. Do you bring metal stall grates and mount them? Use stall guards? Not worry about them? Thanks!
  2. Stripe13

    Driving style questions

    Hello all! I'm still kind of new to driving (only been driving for about 2 months now, luckily my horse already knows how to drive), so I have a few questions about driving in shows. I have seen all different styles of driving, from western country pleasure to roadster. my question is, what...
  3. Barnmother

    AMHR Washington State

    Looking for some annual date for shows and their location in Washington State. Can anyone help?
  4. hsrascal

    Quality enough for AMHA shows?

    My aunt has taken special interest in showing our yearling miniature since she is no longer healthy enough to ride and show her mare. I told her to take him to a few open shows for the experience, but she is really begging to take him to the AMHA show in April. The show is over 2 hours away and...
  5. F

    South Dakota Spring Show - May 18-19

    The premium book and entry forms for the South Dakota Miniature Horse Club Alliance Spring Extravaganza in Sioux Falls are online at!! Just click on the "Shows" page, and you will be able to download the premium book and computer fillable entry forms. This show is great...
  6. kassierae

    Is there a section for...?

    Suggestions or show advertising? I'd like to post about upcoming shows in our area and meet new people, but not sure where I can do this at lol