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  1. KLJcowgirl

    Setting up for Showmanship & Halter

    Hello again all! So I'm trying to prepare for some open shows I learned about recently, and Miss May is coming together so nicely! She's still kind of a pill, but we're working on that. One thing I am wondering about is how I should be setting her up. All of my show experience is Stock...
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Showmanship Question

    Can you braid a horse's mane or tail for AMHR showmanship?
  3. Brookwood Farm

    Halter Help

    Hi, I was wondering if you are allowed to touch the horse's halter in mini classes? I was recently informed that you are not and if you do points will be taken away. Is this true?
  4. Foster Woods Miniatures

    A Hat Question

    A quick question: Where do YOU buy your showmanship hats? I don't want anyridicously priced brands, please! Thanks!
  5. Dimples

    Showmanship Help

    I need showmanship help PLEASE. Here is my question - When walking to the judge where do you align your horse after you stop? Should the horse be standing directly in front of the judge? Reason why I asked is after my showmanship class the judge said to me "your horse's head needs to be at my...