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  1. L

    New here, to minis, and looking for someone to possibly mentor me

    Hi everyone, I am Larissa. A little background info on me ~ I am 16, I do lots of dressage work currently. I own two horses, a Morgan and a 10 month old gelding, I believe he is what you would consider a shetland blend? 1/2 stetland and half mini horse.. I am wanting to show him this year in 4h...
  2. Lil Timber Buck

    AMHR show in Shelbyville premiums released with schedule. Need HELP! newbie to this

    Okay so I went to this show last year for a couple of hours to get a feel for my competition. I intend on participating this year, but need some MAJOR help! Where can I find good, easy to understand decriptions of these classes? I don't know the difference in modern stallion, modern pleasure...