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  1. Pony.Mom

    What do your ponies get for feed each day?

    Just wondering what everyone feeds their ponies. I feed my two mini mares Purina Elevate 2x a day plus Valley Flaxseed. They get 1 cup of Elevate and 1/3 cup of Flaxseed a day. But also thinking of adding this to their feed as well has anyone else used it and how much do you give?
  2. Pony.Mom

    What do you feed your ponies for feed?

    Wondering what everyone feeds their minis. From foal to senior? I just picked up a bag of Valley Flax and CFS Elevate for my 2 seniors. Plus they get free choice hay. Just wondering what everyone else feeds. Pictures of my 2 seniors just in hay alone for almost 3 years. 
  3. Q

    Feeding The Senior Horse

    I have some questions about feeding a senior mini forage. The vet wants me to start getting him used to soaked hay, pellets, cubes or another "hay subsitute" (because his back teeth are getting pretty low and he possibly has dust allergies). I've tried feeding him soaked hay for several years...
  4. hsrascal

    Belly improvement?

    Alright, we've been on the "new program" for a month. I think his belly does look a little better, but I had the benefit of help taking pictures this time, so I'm thinking it could be that he's stretched out at a slightly different angle and "longer looking". Before: Today: Swicthed to...
  5. hsrascal

    How long to see results?

    I did some feed changes in Jan. for my yearling mini. He went from a pad of alfalfa to free choice alfalfa (not much change really, he normally had some hay left all day) And January 13th I switched him from 12% to 16% Omelene 300. He also got power wormed with Safeguard on the January 15th...