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  1. T

    Considering a Miniature Horse

    I'm looking at purchasing a Miniature Horse, primarily as a companion for my Appy Endurance Gelding. However as I'm not very familiar with them I was wondering if you lovely folks might be able to answer a few questions for me. While the new arrivals primary job is to be a companion I would...
  2. A

    Aloha New Member here

    I posted once before but I never introduced myself. I am a mini owner in Hawaii. I have 4 minis right now and one that is soon to born. I came here looking for info on birthing and found lots of great information. I own Aloha Riding Lessons, LLC and Aloha Minis. I teach horsemanship to adults...
  3. sarahhh_jean

    New to pregnancy

    Hello all!! Since I have searched high and low and all over the web for info I am bugging you guys as a last resort. First I will give a little background This past year I came across a bulletin at my local feed store here in Naples, Fl about an ad someone was giving away a mini. I have had...
  4. Cupcake

    Potbelly, Color, Registration newbie questions :)

    It's been 3 weeks since the accident and my little girl has recovered SO WELL! I'm so glad as the vet had no idea if she would, he flat out told me that if she had hurt her abdominal wall, it would most likely be fatal. After the first day fever scare, she got better every day and is now all...
  5. Jens

    Adopted two rescued mini's

    Hello, I'm new two mini's but have had horses in the past, but not for 10 years. My new mini's arrived a week and a half ago and and have been settleing in nicely for the most part. The vet thinks they are both around 4 years old. The gelding is a HUGE love and doesn't mind being brushed for...
  6. Renolizzie

    Newbie taking driving lessons

    I thought I would say hi. I am taking driving lessons from a trainer and loving it. I may be getting my first mini soon. I have a lead on one. Any advice for someone new to mini driving? Any other ldaies out there crazy enough to get their first horse in their fifties? We are on five...