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  1. M

    Mini Jack and bull?

    I have 2 little miniature jacks. I recently had to isolate them because they were starting to become aggressive toward my goats. If like to put them in our cow pasture but I'm not sure how they will do with our bull. They have been kept with the cows before and did fine and our bull is generally...
  2. ottb610

    Mini donkey won't go into his new stall

    We have owned an adorable little mini donkey for the last 5 years. He was stalled next to my TB all this time and we have had no issue. I am getting another horse, so my husband made him a new stall but he will not for the life of me go into the new stall. It is 6 x 8, well lighted, and...
  3. HomesteadFox

    New/First Donkey!

    I brought home our first donkey a few days ago. He is almost a mini at 39" tall. He is an uncut Jack, which will be remedied before the winter is over. He is very sweet and friendly, and I plan to train him to pack and drive. He is already halterbroke but has never had anything done with him...
  4. R

    Hilarious "DONKEY IN THE HOUSE" video...Please share!

    Hi there, I hope it is okay to post this! We have entered a video contest being run by our real estate agent's company for clients selling their homes. We were supposed to create a video showcasing our home "from a pet or child's point of view". Well, I went a little crazy and brought my mini...