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  1. F

    Just 4mos post op from brain surgery: Our first driving show! (Pics, of course!)

    Four months ago, I was 3000 miles from home, about to entrust my skull and its precious cerebellar contents with a world-renowned brain surgeon. My condition (Chiari Malformation type 1, in which the back of the brain herniates down out of the skull and into the spinal column) was causing...
  2. F

    Turnout help - desperately needed!!!!!!!

    So the uncontrollable pony I posted about a few mos ago has come along beautifully. We made the decision tonight to enter him in the local mini show next weekend. My horse is ready but I myself have never felt so so so unprepared for a horse show in my life! I've never driven in a show, and only...
  3. Brookwood Farm

    Show Apparel

    Hi, my first show is coming up in mid August. I have a two year old bay mini and I need help deciding with what to wear. We will be doing trail and fitting and showmanship. I have been getting mixed ideas on whether to wear western show clothing or just a nice outfit. The rules are to wear a...
  4. minihingstar

    First show! some help please

    In 1½ week I will be at my first show ever. Have never even been and look at one and now it's a international one in another country... with a horse I've never meet before and our first meeting is on the show ground Anything I need to think about ? What type of clothing should I wear ? Any...