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  1. thathorsecrazychick

    Driving help!

    Ive been working with Rosie… but we’ve got this disconnect now when we are driving. Ive pulled at her bit simply because I don’t what else to do. When I ask her to stop sometimes it feels like she’s ignoring me but I think it’s because she’s scared. And now backing is hard, at times stopping and...
  2. thathorsecrazychick

    Harness help!

    Ok I will post pics in a couple days… but the harness I have for Rosie does mostly fit. I need to figure out the shaft loops and the I need to modify my traces to the cart I currently have which has a hook attachment. Do you think that I could get new shaft loops that are smaller? I feel like...
  3. Minidreamz0581

    Long Road Ahead

    Hi all, I just wanted to give you all an update on what is happening with Coady and I. I hadn’t been able to drive him for awhile due to time constraints, weather (my asthma and I don’t like the heat and humidity...) and injuries from accidents (bucked off of a horse that I was riding for a...