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  1. rgsiiiya

    Boarding single mini challenges?

    It looks like we're going to be moving overseas next year. Of course, we HAVE to take our mini with us :) But, I'm concerned about how he'll do being a single horse herd after spending his whole life with at least one other horse. We'll be boarding him there, so there will be horses on...
  2. HannaHH

    ISO Mini Board Ontario

    Hey everyone, I have two mini mares and am looking for board in Guelph, Ontario or close to. Where we are right now has far too much grass for my guys in the summer months and one of my mares has foundered in the past. I’m looking for a spot that has a dry lot where they will be thrown hay as...
  3. Rita Meditz

    Boarding my mini

    Looking for temporary boarding for my two mini’s who live in the city of Dallas. They can not have free choice pasture as they have never had. Stalls nightly out in runs or short time in pasture. These are pets!
  4. Little Wolf Ranch

    Boarding 101 For Newbies --> The Do's & Dont's

    Hey guys! I have never boarded a horse before, big or small, and I have a few questions. I will be taking my two "big boys" to a boarding facility on October 6th that is privately owned and where the owner lives on the property. It is a small facility with 6 horses currently boarding there, and...
  5. MyboyzaStar


    Hello! I'm from Arizona, and I am looking to move to Riverside, CA coming up soon. I have my little gelding, Rocky, who I am going to take with me, but I need to find somewhere to keep him! I was looking in to just an average facility, but I decided I wanted him to be with other Miniature Horses...