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  1. Foster Woods Miniatures

    My horses are biting each others tails?

    Hello there! Lately my horses have been playing a little bit more aggressive than usual... they like to go after each others tails. I wouldn't think of this as a problem, but with show season coming up I don't want the pathetic tails I have now. Any suggestions? I use MTG, I've tried putting...
  2. Cupcake

    Attacking, biting, rearing - HELP

    My ~30" 17 months old mare thinks she's a 17hh stallion. I'm at my wits end and it's embarrassing to know I have a goofy 16.2 hh gelding that I have under control and this little girl thinks she can treat every human being like her personal punching bag. As I posted a while back, she has a bad...
  3. B

    Stubborn horse

    I am still a "newbie" in the Miniature Pony world. I have a shetland (Bullseye) and lately I've been having troubles with him. The biggest one is Biting. I have tried over 100 times just twisting his lip when he nips, but he seems to ignore it. Now He is mouth shy and its difficult to handle his...