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  1. jaymie124

    Bought grand son of "bissel mounds Monte Carlo!"

    Hey everyone! I've always loved Appys and hoped to get my own. Well. I came across brave heart! He's a 2yro 32" appy stud. His grand sure is bissel mounds Monte Carlo! Brave heart (brave) takes after his grand sire with his spots and his movement! I plan to train him to cart and possibly use him...
  2. Minifoal

    Filly has a Rash on her Nose?

    Hello, I wanted to see if this is normal or should I treat it with something gentle? My filly born Aug. 7th., who we have named Sky has developed what I would call a rash on her nose. It's not visible in photos, so not bad, but I don't want it to get bad. I was told to put Tea Tree Oil on it...
  3. Minifoal

    The "SKY" is the limit!

    We are sooo excited about our new filly. Our Mini Mare Twilight had a real beauty! Not sure how to word what kind of Appy she is, but I do know she's black with lots of spots & the cutest blaze...LOL Think we are going to call her Sky. She's going to be triple registered because her sire is...
  4. V

    is my mare pregnant?

    i recently got this abused mare at an auction last month, she is 7 years old, and all it said was that she was exsposed to a stud. she is huge like a watermellon and has a bag, but cant figure out on how long she is. any guesses? and what colour of appaloosa markings does she have?
  5. miss_ruby

    colour/markings question?

    I bought a 4/5 year old mare a few months ago, and she was a rescue so I don't have much background information on her, for example her parents which would help with this colour situation. When I bought her she still had her winter coat so these lighter markings did not show. However since her...
  6. bunni1900

    AMHA Lookup Please!

    Looking for info (and hopefully a picture or two?) on a stallion named "Happy Times Little Apache Feather" He is an appaloosa??? I think. THANKS IN ADVANCE!