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    Tail worth money!!!!!!

    Hello, My name is Elaine Gregory and I recently purchased several tail braids from some clients that raise Miniature horses in the New England area and they suggested I contact some of the breeders across the country, since aside from being's seem to grow amazing tails! If...
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    Tail worth money!!!!!!

    Got this email and thought I would post it for this lady that I do not know But anyway --here's a way to pay for gas this summer... Start brushing and braining those tails. I used to keep my mini stallions tail long.. When he showed he looked like a little Saddlebred as he had that kind of...
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    AMHR Nationals & ASPC Congress

    As a director of the ASPC/AMHR and appointed by Larry Parnell to the committee of four including Joe and Zona to look into both the national and congress shows financial situation, improvements to the shows and a stronger & closer relationship with show management. I assure you that we as the...
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    Tunica Show!!

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    Tunica Show!!

    Hello to all, Just wanting to check in with you and let you know the Tunica show will be taking credit card charges for your entries in case you need that cash for gas.... I can take your credit card with your entries sent in or you can charge your entries at the show.... The show is...
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    An Introduction and a Plea to those in Ontario

    [Do you know the peoples name she was rescused form, that may help spark someones memory as who the mare was sold to at one time.
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    NYS Breeders Show

    Breeders this year is May 15th - 18th with the miniature schedule starting on Saturday and Sunday in the diary barn.... Judges are Mante, Iverson, Maniscalco.......... Amber Reid is going with her clients as wel as many other ESMHA members........
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    Hey, I do realise everyone is busy.... But please folks try to send me your entries... With gas prices sky high and all -- You can pay by credit card for this show.... Yes, folks, you can pay by credit card if you like.... But send in those entries and I can get your assigned stalls listed...
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    Hello everyone, IF you have not gotten your show book info --you most likely will not get one as some books are lost in the US mail ... Entries are slow in coming in and I do hope you plan on attending this great show... Please send entries in now -- pay at show if you want and no late...
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    Sorry about not getting back to you -- That is the trophy (2) the mare & Foal for the HI Point Amateur (Miniature and Shetland) at the Tunica. Pretty nice!!!! Agian remember -- no Late fees as some are just getting the show books in the mail -- will never use a mail service company again...
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    I am not sure how to add an attachment or pictures to these posts.. I make a better show manager then I do an internet poster.... ANYWAY, can anyone help me out here, I would like to post some pictures of the awards that will be given away at the show to entice you all to come...
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    LATE FEE'S WAIVED -- MAILING OF SHOW BOOKS MESSED UP BIG TIME.... MAY GET TO AFTER THE SHOW Hey Folks, I do hope to see you all there as we have a great weekend planned... This show will be hosted in the indoor air conditioned arena, warm water wash racks for the horses, clean clean men &...
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    Tunica Show

    Hi All, Just thought I would remind you all that the Tunica show flyers are out and if you did not get your show book, please ley me know, would be more then glad to send you a booklet!! We are still planning a great time....... Please plan to join us for a fun filled four judge...
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    Tunica, Tunica, Tunica

    The show is May30th, 31 & June 1, 2008... :DOH! :DOH! :DOH! Please send me your email or house address and I will send you all the information [email protected]