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Updated Jan 2023

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♥️I have two mini horses that are my heart and soul!♥️

Prickly Pears Honey Berry
32.5 Inches
DOB: 4/26/2018
Color: Silver Dapple with 2 blue eyes
My very first mini horse!

Stormy is the most chill horse I have, so easy going, and so relaxed. He loves going on new adventures and he is always following me around the barn, he is such a little LOVER. He has a beautiful, sweet and innocent soul.

Little Americas My Clear Signal
Measured 33.75
DOB: 3/29/2020
Color: Black
My birthday boy, born on my birthday!

Breezy is just beautiful, extremely intelligent, very smart and is always trying to please me. He enjoys hiking, obstacles, and started cart training the fall of 2022. He is doing wonderful hitched to the bike, he has more go than whoa! LOVE him!! I am hoping he will be my main driving pony.

I should also mention I have one biggie, Riffics.
My Terrific Sweet Reward
DOB: 4/3/1999
Height: 16 hh
Color: Black

Riffics is my very first horse! I have had him since he was 8 years old, he is now 24 and going strong! He is a retired trail horse that I have traveled and competed with all over Texas. He is an amazing and absolutely stunning senior that everyone loves and adores! He is loving retirement and just relaxing out in his pasture with his best bud Doc, the neighbors horse.