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  • Wow so grandmother and 30 years in law enforcement. Deputy lost her life to a 22 year old scum bag and his 19 year old female friend.....trash.....
    Brevard county deputy shot and killed today on Turtle Mound Rd in Lk Washington. Too close to home. All over the news.
    Not every day you have to bring one of your chickens in the house......x-(......BAD BAD BADGIE!
    Just bought myself 5 new pairs of scrubs. I cannot believe the prices. Good grief! But retail therapy makes me feel better.
    So glad its much on my mind and I can't wait to get home and relax for a couple days.....maybe some retail therapy will help.......O:)
    Well its my holiday to work....guess ill be safe in the hospital....won't run into any drunk drivers!
    Two more days of ulcer treatment for Whinny! Started her on a grain free pellet from Seminole Feed, peanut hay and bermuda hay. Hoping to get rid of the Zantac, beet pulp and soaked alfalfa cubes. Keeping her grain free and mostly a forage only diet.
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