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  • Thank you so much for responding to my horse's sinus problem. We did culture each round of antibiotics, and the last round we tried 2 different drugs for a total time of 5 weeks on antibiotic. Her eating is still affected, and I was worried. I'll suggest your approach to my vet. THANK YOU!!!!
    I love being able to read your advice and insight on the threads here on LB! We members are lucky to have you among us
    Kind of you to say hello. My Father and I have completed our trek of Canada this fall by visiting PEI, Newfoundland, and Labrador. We now have been to every province. We always enjoy our visits and friends 'up north'.

    Dr Taylor
    thank you for joining, and giving your knowledge and experiences, is nice to welcome you from Ontario Canada..
    Dr. Taylor, I am excited that you have chosen to join us and share your experience and knowledge. Welcome! I look forward to your future posts.

    Dr Tom is my Father. I have a brother Dr Sam and a sister Abbie Smith. I call my farm Taylor Pony Farm as well and the ponies I raise have the Michigan's prefix also. But, please do not attribute my comments to him, as stupid things I say are completely my fault.

    Thank you for the welcome, I have enjoyed it thus far.

    Dr Taylor
    Welcome to the forum. I just noticed a post from you and made me wonder if you are related to Tom Taylor of Taylor Pony farm?
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