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    Recommendations! WHO IS RELIABLE?

    Thanks everyone who has replied! I am going to get right on this and do some emailing. I want to know that my little one will be well taken care of and I do not have to worry the whole time(even though I will anyway). I just love this forum and all the people here. It's like you can just run...
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    Recommendations! WHO IS RELIABLE?

    Hi, wanted to know if anyone out there would recommend a hauler they have personally used themselves? I need one to haul a mini for me and want to get one I can trust. I need to get a colt hauled very soon from Kansas to NC and want one that will stall him byhimself and take really good care...
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    need a web site address

    Could someone help me find Timber Ridge 's web site ? I have looked and can not find it. Thanks in Advance!!!
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    Hi, First time here. Have always been on the mini board. My daughter wants a bigger pony to show at world class show and do some open shows. I have search high and low to no avail. Does anyone out there have a quiet very broke pony gelding for sale for a 5 year old. Mostly all lead line and...
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    Help!!!... Tax help...

    We're thinking of filing farm this year also and I was wondering if you have to show a profit.
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    Help! Equine Retirement centers

    Wanted to know if anyone knows of any equine retirement places close to NC or VA? Have a freind who is interested in opening one and needs some pointers. Also someone who is looking to find a place for her horse for retirement only - not to be put up for adoption. This would be for big as well...
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    What do you call this pinto

    Ok, Looked at a pinto todaymaybe will buy her. Don't know all the pinto names yet. She is what I would call a bay pinto mostly a bay body color and white with the color over lapping and seems to have those paw prints everyone talks about, she has a solid head with big star and a large snip on...
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    Help! Maybe I messed up!

    Thanks soooo much for your help Annette! I am located in NC. I have had minis about 8 yrs now. Always had big horses since I was 7. 43 now and still going strong! HEHE!! :aktion033: I had a late baby at 39 and she is 5 now. I hope she will continue to enjoy the horses if not I still keep going...
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    Help! Maybe I messed up!

    Thanks, Went there and looked. Now what would you recommend for the head, legs and the fine work to be done? Please help me out . What is the best seller you have for finishing work? I will email you tomorrow and talk further, my name is Cindy email will be Driving4fun. Hope we can figure...
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    Help! Maybe I messed up!

    Thanks again for helping me out here! I want to buy the smaller set now that will do all the other work needed behind the clipmasters. I don't care what they cost, so what would be the best to get and also do I go single or two speed? I am going to go see if I can research some on the Laube...
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    Where do I find

    Where do I find this clipper info page. Do I go to Lil Beginnings home? Sorry must be blind but trying not to bother anyone on the clipper buying thing, I don't want to wear it out but trying to make a decision. Thanks anyone who can direct me.
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    Help! Maybe I messed up!

    Thanks Annette! So if I do the first clipping in the spring with the clipmasters couldn't I go back a few weeks later with a better clipper and do more of a show cut? What would you recommend for that and could I use the same clipper for detailing for this job. I will be showing this year about...
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    Help! Maybe I messed up!

    I guess I should have come here with all my questions! I just purchased the Stewart by Oster Clipmaster clippers for body clipping. I haven't read a thing about them on here. Did I mess up? Also, I was going to buy another set to do the finish work and small or hard to reach areas. Had thought...
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    Arabian Ears???

    Minimule, You are doing great with the mini mules!!! Love those ears!! My two mini mules are now going on two and one is already broke to drive! ( Driven very lightly till older) One that came out of my arab type mare has a beautiful head with VERY TIPPY ears! Both have been sold but I get to...
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    Flax Seed

    I have fed flax seed for two years and my horses have had beautiful coats even in the winter. I have a very long haired filly who is red and white and you can even see hers shine on the red right now in the winter. I also feed it whole. It also helps a little with the dry poops I get with one of...