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    3 1/2 year old tooth problem

    Good news! The vet said it was the cap and that the adult tooth is coming. Both minis were gelded and got their Coggins pulled and immunizations done! Now to find these cute little guys a home!
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Putting them in a barn if you have electric and water is safer than barns without. Here is a link
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    ceder post fence for mini

    I'm not sure how it will look but /i always use at least 3 rails. tallest rail is 48 inches high. Or you can use a hot rope or wire to keep animals out in between the rails. I have Pygmy goats so I have hot wire as well. The lowest wire would keep the chihuahua in.
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    3 1/2 year old tooth problem

    I spoke to the Breeder His foal date was 04-29-05 So he is not quite 3 1/2 years old. Dam: Fishers Painted Pearl ( could be spelled Fischers) Sire: Jimmy Deans Fuzz Buster she will try to get papers to me. He is a sweet boy! Hopefully my vet will be able to identify if it's an adult...
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    Mare aborted :(

    So sorry for your losses.
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    3 1/2 year old tooth problem

    I rescued 2 minis last week. Yesterday when the farrier was here we found the the 3 1/2 year old stud has what looks like a fractured tooth. I will upload the picture I took. He had just finished a mouthful of grain. At what point do they lose their baby teeth? this is an incisor on the top...
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    Vet Report on 13 Kansas miniatures

    I agree that the only chance for survival for these 13 was to rescue them. Thank you for saving them!
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    I had a blind mini rescue done a few months ago. He was 8 years old and blind in both eyes. Vet put him out and then gelded lying down. Waking up was a little more traumatic because he is blind, but everything went well. And he is in a loving home. His blindness is from previous trauma. Sweet...
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    Pit Bulls Kills Mini Horse Donated to Cancer-Stricken Child

    So sad fot the boy and the loss of the mini. I have an electric wire on top of my pasture fencing to keep out dogs as well as to keep the bigger horses from leaning on the fence. I hope it will prevent animals in or out. I hope the dog owners replace the mini for this little boy. So sad
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    UPDATE****Kansas Minis****UPDATE 10/2207

    I posted on youtube. There were 2 people that posted negatively. We have to realize that some of these types of people think that we over care for our horses that they are just property and all the trimmimg, brushing, vetting and anything other than the most minimal care is just overdone. As a...
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    UPDATE****Kansas Minis****UPDATE 10/2207

    Ditto! Because I am in rescue I understand and support CMHR and SWER 100%. Thank you and the others that have helped and Ronni for all you have done. Mr Trembley and whatever herd he is allowed to keep will be much better off. :worshippy: :worshippy:
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    Krystal Foaled

    Absolutely adorable
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    Thank you

    :aktion033: :aktion033: You all did a great job!