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Coventry Lane Farm

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2011 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
Nice day for the LeBonheur Childrens Hospital in Memphis, TN with a great reason to help the less fortunate children during the holiday season
Thanks mydaddysjag for the comment..... I left being at the farm in Pa in late October and I have staying with some old friends that were originally from my hometown and moved here to TN 16 years ago for better paying jobs. I am looking for a job now after finding my way around the area, there is alot of businesses and factories here and FED EX, Pepsi, and Carrier.

I have a different type of horse now that I ride (Iron horse named...Harley) and the weather, 70 degree's here today.. and southern hospitality here is fantastic, along with all the good food, grits, catfish, crawdads, gator tail and of course GREAT BBQ places. I don't have all the aches and pains in my joints like I did while I was in western Pa with the cold and damp weather....and I work out at the gym three to four times a week, 2 hours a day to keep myself in shape since I don't have any barnwork to do any longer. I have met alot of great people being here and they have been very helpful and TONS of Steeler fans too here in TN, I do wear all my Steeler and Penguins shirts and people ask if I am from Pittsburgh and I let them know that's where I'm originally from.

I am very close to Memphis, Mississippi and Arkansas. There is so much to do down here all year round, there is something always going on here in the area. Hopefully I will meet up with some old pony friends at some of the horse shows down this way and perhaps make it to Pony Congress to watch and the AMHR Nationals in Tulsa since I am not that far away now....
You never know.....

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Having Fun in TN at my new Home !
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