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  1. chandab

    colt nutrition

    Forgot to say, if he's not been getting too much so far, don't forget to take about a week to get him upto full amount.
  2. chandab

    colt nutrition

    To start, err on the side of caution and go with 1/4 of full size amount.
  3. chandab

    colt nutrition

    What size is he expected to mature? A-size, which is under 34" or B-size which is 34-38"? General rule of thumb, I go with 1/4 full-size recommendation for A-size minis and 1/3 full-size recommendations for B-size minis. Don't forget to start slow and work up to the recommended amounts; and perhaps even go a bit light for awhile and see how he does before giving full amount.
  4. chandab

    colt nutrition

    Depends on the feed, some have directions based on weight, others based on age, share what the tag says, a scan if you can share that would probably be easiest.
  5. chandab

    colt nutrition

    Feed the mare and foal feed according to directions for his age and weight until he's 18-24 months, if that proves to be too many calories, switch him to a ration balancer. Take the mare's hard feed away for about a week or so, so her milk will dry up. Once her milk dries up, she can be worked back up to pregnancy level of feed.
  6. chandab

    2018 projects

    Not sure if I'll get something made before the end of 2018, but I couldn't resist these horse panels at the store today, plus a couple coordinates and the white at the bottom doesn't go, but is tone on tone cowboy boots, so I had to have it.
  7. At 5 months, he's too young for lunging, the circles are too hard on the immature joints. Your daughter is going to need to try to make a point of spending 10-15 minutes once or twice a day doing basic handling with him, all on lead for now; just basic starts, stops, walking, and teaching him to respect space. I try to leave my horses alone while they are eating (at least their hard feed), as that is their time; but at the same time, they must respect me, and if I need to clean stalls or whatever while they are eating, I expect them to tolerate it, and not get pushy. As he's only 5 months, he needs good nutrition to grow well, so should be on a growth formula feed til 18-24 months old; if he's a really easy keeper, than a ration balancer might be a better option for him; this is of course in addition to his forage (hay or pasture). [If he's not had hard feed before, it might take a little bit for him to readily eat it, they are suspicious of new things.]
  8. Interesting. I had a foal several years ago, with a similar stance, but he passed within 24 hours, so didn't have a chance to see a vet. I think mine came a bit early.
  9. I know people get tired of hearing it, but I'd get a vet involved for this. Get your vet's opinion on her legs, and get an IGG done to be sure she got enough colostrum, since she has mobility issues and a hard time getting to the udder to nurse.
  10. chandab

    My colt is 2 years old and hasn't dropped yet

    Yes, crypt surgery can be quite expensive compared to regular gelding surgery; sometimes as much as 5x more than regular surgery (possibly more than that depending on the region and vet). Sometimes, upon sedation, they pop to the surface and regular gelding can be performed. Many minis don't drop until 3-4 years old, so if you have room to keep him separate from mares, give him a bit more time (at the very least til next spring). Have you palpated the region? Or, just looked and don't see?
  11. chandab

    Smartie Pants

    Brilliant idea, and your pants are awesome.
  12. Looks suspicious to me (like baby belly). Keep working with her, but expect her to probably be very protective when/if she does foal, and stay protective for a minimum of a week to 10 days. [You'll need to do whatever it takes to treat the foal navel a couple times in the first couple days.]
  13. Try taking pictures down at her level, if you can. Similar side shot as you already have, but down at her level. And, same from behind. When we stand and take pictures looking down on them, it distorts their proportions, making almost all minis look short and fat. Cute little girl, bless you for taking her in.
  14. chandab

    Opinions on how he looks

    How tall, again? What did you get for heartgirth? And, length?
  15. chandab

    Whatever happened to

    I only knew from the groups, but enjoyed her writing. I occasionally try to track down her books, and now can't even find mention of them.