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  1. chandab

    Magic Marker 2018

    If both parents are black, he can only be black or red, and he's definitely not red. Only testing will let you know if he got his sire's cream gene, making him a smoky black. Black foals are often born a weird mousy color, and sabino if he has it can cause some weird color shifting.
  2. chandab

    Newbie with questions.

    You are correct, you probably don't want to use a strong dewormer and cause a massive die off. It would probably be a good idea to take a fecal sample into your vet and get a fecal egg count done, and even if it comes up negative, that doesn't mean your horse is worm free as there a few types that don't show up in FECs (tape wormers for instance). [Just grab a few fresh apples off the top of a pile, put them in a baggy and take them to your vet.] Quest dewormer (any with active ingredient Moxidectin) is not recommended in minis, as the safety margin is very small; if it must be used, get a scale weight and dose precisely, not over or under (don't guesstimate weight, tape measure or calculate; scale weight only).
  3. chandab

    Royal Wedding/Beautiful Horses

    Only caught bits and pieces throughout the day, so missed the horses.
  4. chandab

    New Forum Look

    I think I got it. TY.
  5. chandab

    New Forum Look

    Is there a way to shut off the notices sent to e-mail? I've gotten quite a bit of e-mail from the forum since the start of the upgrade, I'd rather just read here than have e-mails coming. TY.
  6. If you should choose to breed the mare, or if an oops occurs, you can put a bell on her foal so she can more easily find it. [Just hang around the foal's neck with a light string (so it can break should it be necessary).]
  7. chandab

    Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue

    Glad you were able to find someone to help you.
  8. chandab

    Magic Marker 2018

    Naughty boy. hopefully, this one just has a short neck, and isn't a dwarf; sometimes it's not easy to tell when so young.