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  1. Yeah, glad she is doing so well. Sorry you couldn't bring the mare around to liking her foal. The Igloo feeder is another link I should have posted, glad you found it.
  2. chandab

    got my mojo back

    Lovely quilt.
  3. There are lots of mules out there that would say otherwise. Jack on horse mare equals mule, and they are somewhat common, since jacks tend to be a love the one you're with type of guy. Stallion on jenny equals hinny, not very common, as stallions tend not to like the way jennies smell.
  4. chandab

    Gelding senior stallion

    it's great that you can put him with geldings, many stallions don't differentiate geldings from stallions; males are males to them, and they do not like them.
  5. chandab

    Gelding senior stallion

    At that age not likely to change his personality. Much of the attitude and personality will be habit, as well as hormones.
  6. chandab

    Color of Coat

    He looks red with flaxen. Sorrel and chestnut are shade and regional names for red; most would probably call him sorrel with flaxen.
  7. chandab

    June game! GAME OVER!

    My prize package arrived today. I received a lovely, blue Pegasus pendant from Robin. Thank you.
  8. This protocol is a two shot deal; one of prostaglandin, then one of oxytocin, both need to be administered.
  9. Mona, it came through a friend, so I never saw the original post. Sounds like it has lasting affects. And, I'd give it a try up to at least a week old (if not even a bit older), cause getting a mare to take her foal beats the heck out of bottle feeding an orphan. As always, sooner is better with something like this.
  10. Ok, I tracked down the information for helping a mare accept her foal. It was posted publicly by a veterinarian. The amounts of the drugs would be dependent up the size of the mare. I hope these will post.
  11. You will probably have to order milk replacer online. And, no matter the brand, it's expensive. While they promote their product, Progressive Nutrition has a couple good articles about raising an orphan. Even if you don' t buy their brand, I'd read the articles for the time frames for needing liquid milk, when you can switch to a milk pellet, how often to feed, etc. I'll get you a link. http://www.prognutrition.com/pn/nutrition-information/what-to-feed-the-orphaned-foal/index.htm http://www.prognutrition.com/pn/nutrition-information/how-to-feed-the-orphaned-foal/index.htm There are several different brands of milk replacer: Buckeye Mare's Milk plus, Foal Lac, Mare's Match and, I'm sure a few others. Fortunately, I've not had an orphan foal, but have raised several orphan calves, it can take a bit of time to get them to take a bottle. I know with calves, they have to be on a bottle for 1-2 weeks due to their stomach design, but with foals being simple stomach animals, they can probably move to a pan or bucket fairly quickly. Pritchard nipples are often more acceptable to foals. https://www.jefferspet.com/products/prichard-teat-nipple As, are some human baby bottle nipples. Lamb nipples would also be something to look at. Here's a whole set up of bottle and nipple (choose lamb nipple, and you'd probably only need the quart size bottle for a mini foal): https://www.jefferspet.com/products/farm-babies-nursing-bottle An article from TheHorse.com on feeding orphans (you might have to sign-up to read this one, but it's free to join): https://thehorse.com/14390/feeding-the-orphan-foal/ Chewy dot com carries Buckeye Mare's Milk plus, so free shipping, but it's expensive: https://www.chewy.com/buckeye-nutrition-mares-milk-plus/dp/170843 [Just be sure when comparing prices to other places to order from you consider the shipping costs (many places charge $30-40 for shipping on something this size).] This place usually has $7.95 s/h for orders under #70: https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/land-o-lakes-mare-s-match-foal-milk-replacer/0000000231675?Ntt=milk Horse dot com has two milk replacers (can often get shipping deals from them, but usually they are for under #15): https://www.horse.com/item/buckeye-nutrition-mares-milk-plus/E016404/ https://www.horse.com/item/start-to-finish-mare-replacer/E014847/ I didn't link the multi-species milk replacer, as equine specific is best. Good luck with your little one, sorry to hear mom didn't want to take care of her. If I can find the information, I'll see if I can get you information for a hormone protocol than can help a mare come around to deciding that baby isn't so bad (I came across it on FB, so not sure if it's available off FB).
  12. chandab

    Foal Questions

    On a foal, I'd definitely break up the vaccine into two smaller components, and space the shots a couple weeks apart. If you have the farrier coming out, I'd have the hooves looked at, it's better to catch something early and address than to let it go on too long.
  13. chandab

    Foal Questions

    Trim hooves as needed, some need it quicker than others. Deworm monthly, starting at one month old. Alternate between fenbendazole and pyrantel pamoate, giving the foal dosage which is a double dose by weight (if they are 100#, you give them a 200# dose - some tubes are marked with adult dosage and foal dosage on the tube, some aren't). I'd discuss vaccinations with your vet, as different regions have differing needs.
  14. chandab

    June game! GAME OVER!

    Woo Hoo! Thank you.
  15. chandab

    June game! GAME OVER!