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We've had 2 minis for 19 years. There's never been a pregnancy. To our surprise, we now have a foal, and are so unprepared. We have no good way to keep the stallion separate, and he is grieving over not being with the mare. We have one small horse shed inside one pen. They graze on ropes. We are willing to add additional fencing and another shed. Would appreciate advice.
You have a major cutie horse.
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Thank you! I wish I could say he is mine, but he's at the Arabian barn I worked at. (Until all this COVID-19 business, I got laid off.) His name is Radar. :)
My mini, Tempi, is 12, a rescue, and we are a registered Pet Therapy team. Love it. Need advice from others who have done therapy visits thx
This is Bailey, 15, a former 5 point hitch show mini. He’s been a pet for 10. I’m leasing him and we hope to learn to drive.
Loving the new Connection Training book! <3 What a must read for every horse person! #PositiveReinforcementPonies
Mini loves my 3yr old granddaughter. As soon as she tries to lead her she will turn and kick her. Any suggestions ?
Just got a mini for my granddaughter. I’m used to big horses. Any suggestions on feeding
Need feeding help now..I'm told she needs milk replacement..I found out that she is only 3 months on May 21
The vet told me to giveI her frisky foal..1/4 cup twice daily, plus good hay.and milk replacement I purchased the milk replacement.Foal Gro.but I'm worried I may overload her ..make her colic.. shes doing amazing..learning to love apples and carrots..I want the best for Miss Oreo..but the milk replacement says that it's not needed after 12 weeks of age
This all came up just before this long weekend..so I cant reach my vet or the manufacturer of the feed.