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I got a messaged/solicitation (not good) from malalgra220 to start a conversation. I clicked ignore but how do I removed it from my conversation list?
Hi ,I've been reading post for awhile just never had time to say "hi" love all the info .
Hello everyone, glad to join! Wanting to learn learn learn!! My new filly was born on May 28th, hopefully bring her home in 4 to 6 months!
This is probably a silly question, but I’m new to driving. How do y’all transport your mini AND the cart?

I appreciate your help!
Hello fellow mini lovers, my name is Lorrie from Florida and I have too much grass. I rescued 2 mini’s 10 yrs ago and I have lost one to cancer last year. The one I have left (I also have a horse and rescue pony) has gotten laminitis already this year so I set up a paddock next to my barn that has access to their stalls. Now I have to kill the grass there. Does anyone know how to do that?
Hey! I have been recently working a lot with my mini horse Kristy, and was happy i could find more things about mini horses!
Recommendation of jumping boots?
I’ve just started doing some jumping with my mini she quite often hits her legs on the polls. Anyone know which boots are best for this?
I’m wondering about feed.
She currently has pony nuts+d-itch supplement+carrots+hay(one small hay net) in the morning, a haynet around 1:30 and then I split her night hay 5:30 and 7:30(slightly less in each that she has at in the morning in each)
She has carrots through out the day.
She isn’t over weight but I’ve read so many things about what to feed and what not to do I’m just looking for some advice.
I’ve got a American miniature horse she’s 6 around 8hh I’ve had her since December. I live in the uk she is kept at a stables near me. I keep her in a stable she is exercised for an hour a day(lunging and parelli) and goes out in the paddock for 1hour to 1hour and 1/2 a day. my 1year old daughter rides her and I’m planning to show her when I have done a bit more work with her.
I have a mini donkey and mini horse.
I have a feeding stall for them and they love it but they just dond hang out in the there. It rains and it pours and it snows and it does get cold but they prefer to be outside in the harsh elements.
I have also erected a big 12×24 ft tent shelter which they dont bother going in. They go in eat the hay and then out they go again.
If there are anything that y'all can share so they will stay in there stall , it would greatly be appreciated
Lindy Hagar
Hello! I'm Linda, I live in Kinglake, Australia. I acquired a Miniature Horse broodmare 2 weeks ago, as a companion for my new Welsh Mtn,filly. They are getting along so well. I got this pony as the breeder lost his Mini Pony stud farm in a divorce settlement & needed to rehome most of them...
Lindy Hagar
(continued),,, I adore his new little mare. She is the first Mini I've owned. used to show big horses & bred Welshies for 30 years, then gave up horses for a new career. I missed the horse smell. Now I feel WHOLE again & re-learning everything. Oh, & she's in foal! I love this!
Wow! It's been a looooong time! I apologize for being absent for so long...I got sucked into FB for a few years, but have deleted by FB / Twitter / Instagram accounts so I will be on here more. I will need to pick y'alls brain on training my mare to pull the buckboard (no, still haven't done it!🤦‍♀️) as well as doing my own farrier work.......

I pray y'all have a blessed evening (it's only 9:41pm here!)
I cant figure how talk you anyone