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Self-made Miniature Horse Pack Saddle

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Thanks ;)


We used a planer and a grinder to shape the boards. I think a hoof rasp would work too, but it's probably more work.


I gave you a wrong information about the wood we used before :( I figured out we used pine wood for the boards and oak wood for the frame. I'm so sorry about the mistake! But I think it doesn't matter that much.



3. The Lower Boards


The lower boards are supporting only and should not carry more than 1/4 to 1/3 of the total weight. They are much easier to shape. Dimensions may be the same as the upper boards, but not as thick as they are.


4. Frame


For the wooden frame who holds the boards together, you need a lot of small pieces of wood. Dimensions are depending on your template.


Look at to following pictures to figure out how they can look like.










Im summary you have to create:

- Two top parts with cutout for withers and spine

- Four longer parts for the upper boards

- Four shorter parts for the lower boards

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