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Vicky Texas

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May 17, 2004
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Southlake Texas
Hi Gang

First Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers on our zoning

issues. We had our meeting. I had to talk for almost 2 hour up there. It was a hard

and long night for us. But once we get one thing fixed on our neighbors plan's,

they said they will give us our O-1 Office Zoning. We have been fighting for this for

over a year. They killed me in the meeting last Dec. for it. They were so mean then.

This time, they did a 180, and they were to eager. So I don't get it. But I am happy.

So we go back on Oct. 9, to one more P&Z and then 2 City Council's. Then hoping

we are Zoned and our concept plan will be approved. Which will make the buyer's

job so much easier. We could then close in 30 days or less. Instead of another year

of Zoning. Yeah! finally a light at the end of rainbow for us. This has been a 6 year battle.

So hoping in Nov. we are done. I don't get the attitude change, but I am happy.

They had the City attorney talk to us in the last City Meeting and they were not

giving it to us. So what happen?? But we are just so happy.

I am sorry I did not get to post this sooner. We learned my cousin was killed last

Friday morning, and we are trying to things set to leave to go to his funeral. He was

killed in a single car accident. He work for a TXU and work all night on Thursday.

He got off and was very tired. But he went ahead and was driving home. The police

beleive he fell asleep and went off the road. He went into a field. Their was only 1

tree in the field and he went head on into it. He died at the secene. He was 42 years

old with a wife and 2 young daughters. So we are heading out of town to his funeral.

So please keep our trip and horses in your prayers. That the horses will stay safe while

we are gone. And prayers for his family too. He lost his dad several years back, he has

his mom, step dad, a brother, 2 sisters.




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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
I am so very sorry for the loss of your cousin. Sending prayers for his family. Glad to hear things are working out on your zoning issues.
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Dec 2, 2002
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My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your cousin. (((hugs)))


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Nov 5, 2007
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Sending prayers and (((HUGS))) your way. So sorry to hear of your loss- very sad..

Let us know when you get back safe and sound and that the horses are well..

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