Youth Activites At Nationals

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Echo Acres

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Jan 15, 2008
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We just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful youth program at nationals. You guys were great. This was our first time participating in the youth activities. I have to say it kept you busy, but my son had a great time. There were so many opportunities for the kids. I don't think that any one child left there feeling they weren't special or lucky. Amy... sorry to hear this is your last year as you did a great job!

My son received 4th in the 7 and under coloring contest, and was on the red team who received reserve champion youth team. He was able to complete a black out in barn bingo, did the word search, crossword puzzle, coloring contest, state parade, essay contest, craft projects at the table.. and much more. These things helped him come out of his shell since he had to approach both kids and adults to finish these activities. He was also lucky enough to win a work harness from Double TT ranch.

We want to also thank all of those who were kind enough to donate towards the prizes and awards for these kids. It really made them feel special.


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