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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Okay i guess im just nosey (can ya blaime me?). I was wondering what ya'lls schedule was. Here is mine.

**Mini's and Big horses if you wish**


1) MINIS:I turn the Mini's our around 7am every morning M-F. Weekends they get out a little later around 9am because i sleep in.

-They get 2 blocks of Hay in the Hay Feeder for them all to nibble on from time to time. Pasture are not to good. I Fill there water troph up to (i usually clean it the night before w/ the water buckets). I need to get a new one to ..*note to self*.

-Sometimes if its rainy out of something i give them 1 scoop of grain and tell someone to put them out when i clears up.

2) HORSES. All get 1 block of Hay, 1/2 Block of Oat hay mixed with it. And 1 scoop of Grain, 1 scoop of Nutra feed mixed together. Water also at this time. After they Gobble that down which takes the time i takes me to get ready for school i usually put them out to there own pasture (Not w/ the mini's ..down worry). Our yearling Arabian doesnt go out w/ the other horses though. I turn him loose by himself after i come home and i stay out w/ him. (were going to get elective fences for that pasture soon hopefully).


1) MINIS: I bring them in from the pasture around 3pm right after i get home. They go to there stalls and usually watch the chickens and cats play. I check them out really quick and make sure there Fine. Then i usually Clean there stalls out (around 4pm)after i do the Big horses(around 3:30) and put down a nice new layer of bedding. I then Lung the mini's each for about 5 or 10 minutes since they run just about all day. Joey and Rocky do pretty good, coco i dont even try to anymore bc i now understand that coco is more of a lounger, then a lunger. So they get there exersize. Then they are fed 1/2 scoop of Grain mized w/ nutra feed 1/2 scoop. Then around 7pm when it has cooled off we go for a nice walk and do some basic training. *i usually dont do any 'serious' training unless its about a month or two before the fair. From time to time we do some good training sessions (about once a week). Of course im training Rocky for Harness so that takes up some time to + Joey im starting tommarow in Harness training w/ David helping me. He got Rocky started w/ me and now i've taken over. He will prob work about 5 days w/ me and joey and then let us go.

-I usually clean out hooves every other day

-Brush everyother day

2) HORSES: When i get home i put them up and check them out. Turn Sammy loose for a while and watch him run and pick grass for about a 1/2 hour or 45 minutes while i clean out the big horse stalls. Then i usually play w/ him (since he is a little baby playful thing). Put him up in his stall. Then i exersize them for a while (lunging usually unless i feel like taking a nice run around the fence a couple times w/ them). Then i let them hang out for a while while i go do some stuff. Then they are fed and then walked. Same as the mini's. exept 1 scoop of Grain, 1 scoop of nutra feed/sweetfeed mixed together. Sammy gets a bit more since he is growing. and Sammy also gets 1 block of Oat Hay as well. (since he wasnt out picking grass all day).

So far they are all healthy and hard and Happy. The 3 things good horses should be!!. So its working. This changes sometimes. In the winter they will probaly change a bit w/ the feeding. But its good so far.

EAD Minis

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Jul 24, 2005
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[SIZE=14pt]Well mine is busy,[/SIZE]

Week Days

Roy is turned out at 6:00AM!
!For like 30 mins while I clean stall and clean buckets and stuff. He is brought back in brushed given breakfast and left until I come home from school at like 5:00pm and is put out for 3 hours of grass. Comes back is fed super and gets his hay. I have to get on bus 7:20am.


Roy is out eating grass all day after I wake up...we will leave that night he is excersised after being in for 1 hour (to digest) then put in his coral I clean stall, freash water hay then bring him in brush and put on his jammys.


My friend lets out in morning in big pasture and I bring her in at night. Around....5:30pm...I lounge,excersise and feed then let her back out in her small pasture for the night.I am normaly there all the time on weekends and Roy comes to and plays with the goat while I clean stalls and water tubs.

I am VERY busy.I also work on sundays and tuseday nights after school!!I also have homework but I some how manage to squeeze it all in!I am like a slave!
!Good think I love them so much!

Lisa-Ruff N Tuff Minis

I try to keep mine simple

In the morning depending on time of year in summer it is 6 am.. they go out to pasture first for few hours then into the drylot to have there hay

In the winter it is the opposite and into the dry lot first for breakfast and then around 2-3 in the pasture for a couple of hours...

then into the barn around 5 for dinner

at that time after they are fed I put hay out for the next day (unless it is rainy) and do water buckets and such and get there grain ready for the next nites dinner.

I clean stalls around 10 or so every day and then go back out every couple of hours to groom, check on them, playwith horses and do other barn chores.

Raven goes out nightly after dinner for her grooming sessions.


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Nov 30, 2002
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Winter Schedule: (we are on it now actually)

Feed 7:30 AM

Turn outs on grass or dry lot around 8:00 AM but everyone is out by 8:00 someplace

Clean stalls after turn outs and do stall water buckets

Some horses come back in around noon to get off the grass or exercise or grooming or clipping or bathing.

Everyone should be back in by 3:00 Pm

Feed 5:00 PM

Hay before it gets dark

I'm like Lisa in that I fill my water troffs the night before so I don't have to worry about that in the morning and I also dip up their morning feed at night too so I don't have to fumble around with it in the morning either. I don't do mornings well at all.


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Dec 1, 2002
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Right now I am on summer schedule...which means everyone is out to I get up around 6:30-7:00 wake my oldest make coffee by 7:20 I am outside with my cup of coffee doing a quick head count and check to make sure everyone is okey dokey
I glance at the water son gets home first so he does waters during the week....on the weekends I go out and groom and give a good once over trim feet if needed or check feet to call farrier it is about time for him to come do a good job
I do waters scrubbing etc....make sure everyone has salt blocks and fences are in order.....currently my sheep have turned into loons and keeping them in is a royal pain if not flat out impossible.....the saving grace is they like to go eat weeds on my friends pasture (30 acres) all fenced so they aren't causing too much grief.......

we also have the dog's and the house pig to deal with in this routine...then the two boys catch their respective busses and I drive for an hour to work......ughhhh

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