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Dec 13, 2011
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with the show comming up , I am sure many of you have had overseas inquiories .... I want to share some honest information , that some of you might find helpful .

some people are asking for "cheap " horses , or asking you to greatly reduce your prices... I live overseas , and I will tell you honestly what this means =

" I am going to buy your horse as cheaply as i can , and ship with multiple horses in a wooden crate in the belly of a plane , at a greatly reduced price with a quarantine " , and as soon as your horse lands I am going to tripple the price , add an extra 2 thousand Euro for my "effort" and sell it to the first person who shows up with money, no questions asked "

please think about this when you sell your horse . If the money is more important then being assured that your horse will have a happy , and forever home , then its your right to do what you are comfortable with .

However ... my "rescue " barn , full of those greatly discounted horses purchased in Texas is full , so I will no longer be saving unwanted , horses or the horses that fell into the hands of people who either did not have the finances, after purchasing from America, to care for them . I can help with refrences , if any of you need a second oppinion , as I have friends that are completely nuetural , and unbiased.

We can together give you an honest oppinion.