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Nov 30, 2002
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I found out I passed the written part of a test for a job I want. Now I need to do the physical part. I have until OCt. 15th to get in the best shape I can. And let me tell you I am not anywhere close.

I went to the gym today and logged 5 miles. Did tread mill for 2.5 miles, bike for 2 miles, and eliptical for . 5 miles. My plan is to go everyday and do at least that if not more. I want to build on the eliptical. I did some weight lifting but my shoulder is acting up since I fell down the deck.

I have to do running, obstical coarse and other stuff for the physical part. I have to drag a dummy as well.

I am not worried about the strength part as I am pretty strong its the running. For the dummy drag I have been practiceing by dragging my 10 year old son around the yard, and he is more than willing to help.

What should I be doing/can I do to build up for the running part?

Mike K

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Sep 14, 2008
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Ivanhoe Tx
If you really want to build up the running and dragging the best thing you can do is what you are doing. With a few small twist. Weight vest, ankle weights and wrest weights. Start with ankle and wrest andswings those arms. Then in about a week add in a weight vest. Don't be surprised if you can only do about half of what you did with out them. it will come back. Then when you do it with out the weight's you will fill weightless.


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