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I am in the process of coding a site called Miniature Express. I need some feed back on what I should put in it. here are some things that I am thinking:

Links - Farm Links

Mini Tack Shops

A big huge link picture for the LB Site amd Forum

Info Centeral: Info on the latest research on hrose breeding, and miniature Horses. Info in regarads to diseases, training, showing ect

Featured Horse of the Month: self explainitory. Will have a featured stallion, gelding and mare.

And maybe a minature horse forum, maybe not.

Feed back please asap


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Nov 30, 2002
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That sounds very nice.

There is a tack store that is called the Mini Express so I don't think you should use that name though.

I think helpful links would be a great idea.

Maybe some horsey clip art?

Feature horse of the month would be fun too.

I am assuming that you are a youth.

Maybe you can have "youth of the month" and then have them tell about themselves.

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Aug 19, 2003
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Winters, California
As this will be your website - put what you want to see or what you find hard to find on the Internet. Chances are if you want to read it or see it, there are a number of others out there that will want the same information.

If you want to see some ideas, you can take a look at our site, we have lots of information - things I want to have access to or like to share with others.

As for a Forum - unless you have a specific angle, there are already a few Forums out there, but none with the traffic or variety of subjects or number of vistors as this one!