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May 30, 2005
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Stratham, New Hampshire
I took Courtney saturday to the NbarH show and it was great. I got to meet luvstrdesaddleseat [Joyce] and Shelly. I also got to catch up with a lot of old friends I haven't seen in a long time and got to thank them for all the nice things they have done for me. Tiz and Miniature horses [Larry and Judy Smith and family were there] along with Lois Lang and Jane Colby. Sue Carpenter came by but MaKayla was still on antibiotics and couldn't make it. It was supposed to be a fun show for Courtney and Makayla. Courtney clipped Kisses and Jack and I took Jack in two classes and he won them for his new mom Bonnie. I called her and told her she was so exicited. Courtney had fun in the jumping classes and the trail class had LIVE chickens. Sue had dropped them off for me and Matt decided to use them in the trail class. The expression on some of the horses was priceless. The following day we went to RI with Courtney's colt and Fred. I drove Fred and he did everything I asked of him but I was the only one in my class. Courtney's little snot is no longer a snot he won his class and he behaved like a gentleman. There were three in the class and he won! She was so excited and still is. Maybe Max is growing up? Linda
Linda - it was so good to see you both days. Bonnie has a nice looking boy coming her way!

Fred was beautiful to watch drive and you guys did great, even though you were the only ones. And the "snot".... well... he is just stunning and totally deserved both of those firsts! Congrats on a great weekend!!!

Makayla was so disappointed she couldn't go. She had cellulitis and was on IV antibiotics and pain killers for 3 days. She was pretty sick. Now she is just on oral antibiotics and is doing much better.

While my husband was with Makayla I made a quick visit to the show to drop off the chickens to Linda. The funniest part was watching Matt's reaction to the chickens. He was more afraid of them than the horses were!!!

Courtney made a bracelet for Makayla using a strand of hair from each of her horses. I cannot imagine how much time it took to make it. It was so thoughtful of her. Makayla loved it.

It was great to see everyone again. I am so sad it was the last show of the season. We are definitely looking forward to next year!

I am so glad Linda you had a great 2 days. You are like an energizer bunny. Nothing stops you from showing. You are amazing!

Like everyone else, we had a great time at the show too! It wasn't Pogo's best show(though I was expecting him to fly away when he passed the chickens, and he didn't seem to care at all) but we finally won our only blue ribbon of the day at the end in the dash race. I also caught him in liberty, which I haven't been able to do in the past 5 or 6 that I've entered him. I am said to see the season coming to an end, though I've got to say, I've clipped and bathed enough times to last me a lifetime, and my body and mind are ready for the break. It's Hopkinton, then Linda's show, and then Worlds and that's it for us.

It was nice to see everyone this weekend! Thanks for the chickens and the driving help, Linda.

Congratulations to you and Courtney on a sucessful show weekend!!! I wish that we had more time to visit at the show on Sunday, but it was quite hectic.... Hope to see you again soon!!! Fred looked fantastic in driving..... I think he looks better than ever!!! And Courtney's little Max is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I cannot wait to see what you can do with him in harness when he is old enough!!!

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