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Nov 30, 2002
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We received our "Graduation Info Packet" from the Marine Corp this weekend. Our son, Dusty, graduates in 4 weeks.
I was just wondering if anybody would like to send him a "hello" letter, I know he would love to hear from his "mini family" sometime.
If you might like to write to him sometime, please PM or email me for his address.

He is doing super well, and his letters to us are always positive and uplifting. He loves what he's doing and is always so thankful for his ability and priviledge to soon serve our country. A lifelong ambition for him. I'm so proud of him. I cannot wait till we can see him again. I miss him SO MUCH.

Well, just thought I'd ask, in case anyone would like to send him some encouragement through his final phase of Boot Camp.

Hugs and prayers,


EDITED: THANK YOU to those of you who offered to write.

He will be so excited to get your letters.
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