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Aug 23, 2015
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New England
I agree, people hear are complaining non-stop about the heat, but it's no worse than usual. It is dry, very dry, but the temps are the same. Oatie and I have been practicing in-hand dressage and he enjoys his walks. 10-15 minutes each day. He won a 5th in an online show in a "walk-only" test. I was tickled pink because he wasn't last. I never thought I'd be able to show him at all again. Sometimes the smallest victory is the biggest one. He has his liver values checked next week, it will be interesting to see where they are at.


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Jan 3, 2022
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Hi All!

Here is where we can put our walking and hiking miles. If you don't know how to track those you can get the app Strava on your phone. This is a very accurate way to track walking miles. (I also use it for driving, set to the bike setting, and it's accurate that way too!) This app will track you whether you have service or not! BUT you will not be able to save your walk without connection. In that case I will just screen shot my walk so I still have all the info. I like to know how high we've climbed, how far we've went and how fast we went there.

For instance this was our walk yesterday:
View attachment 43308
I also write my miles down in my calendar book:
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This past week the boys and I walked 28 miles, with one day off.

Something else I have done, to figure out mileage, is driven a few of my most common walks in my car. I know exactly how far I have to walk to make up 4 miles, 5 miles and 6 miles. I also know where I turn around to do a simple, fast 2 mile walk. We do the shorter walks when I don't feel very well, or the weather is particularly awful, or the old dog is with us.

Walking with our ponies and minis is such a wonderful way to connect with them, mirroring them as we walk along. I often will sprinkle in some grazing along the roadside, looking for particularly nice green patches of grass. This has resulted in VERY happy forward ponies when we are out. Even on the days we don't graze! They are ever hopeful, bless them 🥰

Walking with our ponies and minis doesn't require special equipment either. I use a flat soft strap halter and a 10' long yacht rope specially sized for the little guys. Sometimes I walk Zorro in a rope halter. Sometimes I'll ground drive him in a bridle using my 11' long yacht rope driving lines. Sometimes Zorro will wear his back pack and carry my water, on the longer walks:

Just use whatever you have!

We can track walks in our pasture, (I have a mowed driving track out in the 10 acre pasture that we walk sometimes. Three times around is one mile!) on the road, in the neighborhood, in the mountains on trails, where ever it is you like to walk with your minis and ponies!

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey 🤗

I saw that Strava charges to use. Are there any free apps like it?