Waited to make sure all was well..before I shared Twin puppies born....

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Jan 19, 2006
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Ontario Canada
Last week Peachie my toy poodle gave birth to 5 Shihpoo puppies

If I had not helped her out would not have believed it..
Two female pups in same sac and placenta

4 pups weighed 4-5 oz.
This little twin girl only weighed 2 oz..

Today a little over a week she now weighs 5 oz.. and she has had no problems
just so darn tiny and I made sure she found mama's milk and did not get pushed out..
I think she will make it as long as no set backs..

Few pictures too show the difference in size and how she is doing...

Peachie in Labour

Peachie in Labour.jpg

Peachie and her five puppies

Peachie 5 puppies.jpg

Can see the differnce in size
Peachie 5 pups.jpg

Not any bigger than my Bic
runt A.jpg

She fits in the palm of my hand and I have small hands..

Shihpoo teacup A.jpg
Shihpoo teacup B.jpg

Picture of the two twin girls which is always close by...
Twin shihpoo pups.jpg

Picture taken with my grand daughter yesterday..

Shihpoo and Olivia.jpg
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