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Dec 23, 2003
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Wimauma, Florida
It was 9/06 the last time we had a foal here. I do not recall my colt having any trouble getting milk.

My new little filly (born Monday) seems to struggle to get latched on, comes off very easy, and Momma gets frustrated and kicks her away.

It seems like she had a very visible bag w/ my 2006 colt. My mare doesn't show a big bag, but when I feel under there she is swollen...but it feels hard...almost like mastitis?

There is white milk coming out and the filly is getting some...but my concern is she's not getting enough. Anyway, there is something about the milk that doesn't seem right.

I picked up some milk replacer/supplement today.


Is it OK to supplement milk?

I do not want her to go off Momma and rely on me...but I do not want her struggling so hard to get milk...and I do not know how much milk she is getting.

When I play with her she is constantly sucking on me looking for milk like she's desparate.

When I had them out today I kept telling my mare to let that baby get some milk...What did she do? She took her down to the water trough. She showed her the water, lapped at it and then drank...like she was showing the baby how to drink. Weird, huh?

Reignmaker Miniatures

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Mar 24, 2008
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British Columbia
You can supplement the milk but you will want to be cautious not to give too much milk replacer since if she is full of that why would she look for more from Momma. Can you milk the mare? Maybe the problem is she is so engorged that baby can't get her mouth around the teat properly and hang on. If you can then I'd offer that in a bottle (or better yet a shallow dish) The info I was given by my vet says foals as young a 3 days can learn to drink from a dish or bucket. If you have access to a vet tho I would be getting them both checked out. If this has been an issue all along it is possible your foal has not gotten all the colostrum she needs either. Good luck.


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Nov 30, 2002
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I agree with Reignmaker.... Milking the mare and feeding is always better for the foal. But I would do it in spread out intervals so she doesn't depend on YOU, but starts getting hungry and works on mom. You are in a bit of a catch 22.

By milking mom, don't totally milk her out. This will give the foal some food AND relieve some pressure from the mare's bag. You want to leave some behind incase the foal starts figuring things out better. Plus, if you milk mom out totally, her bag will fill right back up just as tight.

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