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Westwood Farms

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Feb 19, 2004
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China, Texas
Here is Baby Sequoia, meeting his sire for the first time, a picture of a very special time between foal and daddy.

I still have not figured out a name yet. I want to combine Westwood ( the farm name) Lakota, for his sire, Lil Bit O country Lakota, 28 inches, Independence, or Independant for his dam Darmonds Miss Independence, and America, for his superb granddaddy Darmonds Mr. America. Someone also suggested Cowboy, since he is wearing his tipped hat, and his saddle. And I almost forgot, Sequoia, his call name.

So, I welcome name suggestions, and here he is.

He's adorable. Westwoods Independent Cowboy or American Cowboy.
Just love the markings on this little guy....

How about Continental Cowboy


Captivating Cowboy

Call me Cowboy

Color me Cowbay


Charmed I'm sure

Top Hat & Tails
What a gorgeous boy, congrats!
Robin showed me his photo the other day and I think he is lovely!!!
Ok, now the name game is getting confusing. I have no clue what to name him, keep the suggestions coming, and I will post his " name" when I pick someones, and who was the winning "namer".

I can't think of a name right now but he sure is a neat little guy, cute picture!

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