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Sometimes I think I am all cried out - and then the tears start streaming again.

How do I thank both of you for taking the time out of your day to post on Skyler's website. I don't have the words to thank both of you enough.

I have tried to get all the way through Michael's website. I have never made it all the way through because I can't keep reading for all the tears running down my face.

It almost scares me - when I read about Michael he makes me think so much of my son. They have alot in common - except the working on engines - my son can't do that - my husband is great at it though.

Marty I know exactly what you mean when you talk about knowing what Michael was thinking. I do that with Dustin all the time. Oh, and they cleaned their rooms the very same way...LOL. You would be shocked how many times Dustin's clean clothes would end up back in the dirty clothes ( when they hadn't even been The love of the animals they share - I still remember the kitten pictures you would post.

Danial - I think you are a very special young man also. You must have a heart of gold to take time out of your busy life to post on Skyler's website. I am proud of young men like you ! So, many boys ( probably don't like being called a boy - in my eye's you your age have other things on there minds instead of helping other people. Thank you - Danial

I don't know why this happened to your family - I wish it never would have - but, I think God had a special plan for Michael. That makes him a special and important young man. Just remember you will see him again someday. I know it doesn't make it easier right now. I can't even imagine the pain. I only wish there was something I could do.

If anyone has the time - Please keep Skyler in your prayer's - Friday is a big day for him - He is having another MRI.

Please go to the website and read the beautiful poem Marty wrote.

To me the Garrison family is SPECIAL - I don't know how to explain it - but to me they are!

Marty and Danial - through the tears - you both have brought me great joy when I read your post on Skyler's website. It meant more than words can say!


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Nov 30, 2002
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Lisa I was up late on Skylers website and Dan came home headed right in here in the kitchen looking for food as usual and I just showed him the website. He thought I was on youtube. He said Skyler was a cute kid and saw what I put in the guest book so I asked him if he wanted to write something so he said ok. He likes little kids a lot and doesn't like to see them hurting. I'll tell Dan you responded to him.

I think God had a special plan for Michael.

We had our own plans that were much better but..............

Don't cry for us Lisa. Focus on Sky who is here who still can be helped.

thanks for the kind words (((( )))))


Thank you Linda for remember Skyler and the family. Your and your familiy is still in our prayers. You are so right Marty and Dan and the whole family is so special.

Marty - I can tell Dan has a great heart and please tell him we appreciate it so much.

Marty I just can't help it. I just wish this would have never happened to your family.

I know we can't understand - but, I agree God had special plans for Michael - he must be pretty special. Just thing - he is in a better place than we can imagine.

I know that doesn't help much for your family left behind - but, try to remember Michael will never cry another tear, he has a mansion, and is walking streets of gold. And so much more than that we don't know about.

Your family will always have a special place in my heart. Even though I know Michael is in a place so much better than we are - I wish I could help take your family's pain go away - but, I know I never can.

Marty always know you are in my thoughts and prayer's more than you will ever know.