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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
I think my mare may have thrush. I noticed she was favoring a back leg tonight so I cleaned out her hooves and part of one of her frogs fell off!?!!
She is definitely tender on it. What do I do now? Is there something I can buy to put on it? I've never had any hoof problems before this. Help!!!
Normally it's white junk up inside the hoof. There is also a bad odor to it.

There's a product called Coppertox (I think that's the right name.) for thrush. It's kind of spendy though..... You can also put bleach and water mixed into a pan and make the horse stand in it.

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I've also seen thrush that has a black, tarry appearance and can inundate the creases alongside the frog, any loose flaps of dry skin at the back of the heels, or anywhere the hoof is packed w/manure turns thrushy, fast. It does stink, bad, too!

Clean the hoof really well and then paint on Koppertox, Thrushbuster, Thrush-X, even bleach like MA said, those will help.

Keeping the hooves clean and moderately dry will help immensely. I have read that letting them run in clean mud is not a problem, it is actually part of how a horse's hooves are designed to work. It is when they stand around in dirty mud (i.e., urine, feces and decomposing feed) that it begins to cause a problem. My farrier agrees w/the clean mud. He digs the mud out of my horse's hooves when he comes to trim and while I can honestly say I rarely clean their hooves, he most times say they look really good b/c I try to keep them on clean footing.

I DO clean hooves frequently on my driving horses, though, and often enough to check for problems, just not daily, sometimes not even weekly.

Liz M.

I am a farrier and see thrush all the time. I would not use coppertox as I have

seen thrush grow right under it. Thrush remedy, thrushbuster, or SBS thrushstop,

are all good products. Bleach and water is OK if it is diluted correctly, but it can

burn. What I have been using lately is hydrogen peroxide. It does not burn and

seems to be working well on some really tough cases. It certainly won't hurt the

horse. Also too much use of betadine will soften the feet as will bleach and water.

Linda B
I had a case of thrush with a big horse I used to own and my farrier said to use water and pinesol. 1/2 and 1/2, it doesn't allow the bacteria to grow like the bleach ans water. Bleach kills the hoof and trush thrives on dead matter. It always workes for me. I start using it the minute I smell the nasty oder that thrush lets off.

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Thanks everyone! I will get some Thrush X today and start with that tonight. Hopefully that helps my little girl out.

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