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Feb 19, 2005
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Summerfield, NC
Reading the posts about the drought in the midwest got me remembering Hurricane Floyd which flooded the entire eastern part of NC and how the folks in the midwest pitched in and sent hay and supplies to help our farmers who lost so much. We also had a bad drought several years ago and hay was in very short supply, but seems like our neighbors up north came through. I can't speak for farmers down here because we are in need of rain as well, but I think if word gets out, that folks somehow come through to help. Now the gas prices aren't helping, but maybe if people are made aware of how the animals suffer during a drought, your neighbors who have plenty will share.

As a sideline to all this, a drought makes people "ditch" their herds which causes a glut on the market, so I think this drought has far reaching consequences.

Just thought I would post, so that those who do have plenty of hay/grain can start things going to help your drought stricken neighbors....

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