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Nov 30, 2002
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Now that I have your attention...

After meeting Ted E Bear the other evening at Shortpig's, Keith and I went back to visit our equine neices and nephews. First at the gate was sweet, ornery Duckie, ready with kisses and the utter certainty that we were there only to see her. I had forgotten that I had a pocket full of grain, but while I kissed and cooed over Ducky, Ariel came up from behind and tried to nibble my pocket. Busted! Jasmine was much more ladylike and waited politely until her treat was offered.

As we visited the ladies, Jimmy and Koda nickered and nodded, asking why we were taking so long. When we finally unwound ourselves with a bit of grain remaining, we went to the boys' room.

Like a matched pair of driving horses, Jimmy and Koda trotted to us as one. At first glance they look so much alike that I had to identify Jimmy by his flaxen forelock, as opposed to Koda's snowy white bangs.

All of Marie's horses take their treats politely and gently, but Koda takes manners to a whole new level. He made no effort to crowd in when Jimmy got his, and when his turn came, he took the grain with soft, gentle lips -- no pushing, no hint of teeth or tongue. He was so sweet that I wanted to feed him more and more -- but I restrained myself. I had Keith give him a bit, and he, too, was amazed that any animal (or person, for that matter) could be so gentle.

Koda is as soft and sweet as a kitten, so full of love and kindness. Marie is working on building his self confidence and a bit of independence, as he is tightly bonded with dear old dad, but he is a total love. Last year Marie asked me to hold him while she trimmed his hooves, and sweet Koda leaned into me and buried his head in my stomach.

Marie plans on keeping Koda and having him trained to drive, and I know she has another totally devoted man in her life (joining Jimmy Dolittle).


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Nov 30, 2002
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Yep, had to come look!

Great story, glad all had a good time.


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