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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=15pt]It's been so hot here in East Tennessee, for the past week, close to 100 every day, we are pulling second shift to get our out side work done! I feed and turn out some horses before daylight! Then Wanalynn makes sure everyone has fresh water all day and checks to make sure know one is over heating! We have several big fans running 24/7 to help keep everyone cool! She takes several trips out to check on the "Brat Pack" Angel, Chubby, Patty Twink and Lil Abner, to make sure they do not overheat in this weather!![/SIZE]

Then when the sun goes down we both clean stalls and paddocks in the cool of the evening! If you can call 78 degrees for a low, cool!
It's still a lot cooler than 100 degrees during the daylight hours! Anyone else having heat related problems?


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