Thank You from Bonnie and Larry Shearin

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As we'd expect, Bonnie and Larry are still devastated and are not coming online right now to post but Bonnie wanted me to share this:

We want to thank everyone who has been more than kind to us. Patty Fingland for sitting up till midnight on email the first night that we thought we might lose q. Mary Sheppard for wanting to come and stay with us and clean stalls. Rolene Lundy for helpful calls and suggestions. Parmela for offering to visit and always being there when I needed her. Karen Shaw for posting on lilbeginnings and the wonderful results it brought. Barb, Lisa, the Schnieder Family, Steps, Cindi coffman for all her support. Wow there are so many! Most of all Jen from Alvadar for being the brick that has gotten us thru this! The mini world is as great as we always said it was! You all are the best! Thanks B

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