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May 30, 2016
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Long Island, NY
I make my version of hot & sour seafood noodle soup, using store bought Tom Yum paste, vegetable and seafood.

It's all very modular, you can put different things in, and the soup base, from this concentrated Tom Yum paste is terrific

pretty exotic flavors (lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, garlic.) and since its commercially prepared, available all year round. it is especially satisfying and easy to whip up in the Wintertime

It starts out with a few teaspoons of paste dissolved in boiling water, and add some chicken bullion too,
and I usually cut up onions, carrots, & peppers for the crunchy veggies.

I buy frozen udon noodles, comes in bricks, individually wrapped
I've also added things like quartered mushrooms, frozen green beans at the last minute.
then, last thing after everything's softened up to your liking you add your seafood.
I put in thawed shrimp, scallops or cod or flounder. even salmon parts, like what's left after they make fillets
mix and match, it's easy, and you make it how you like it.
if it's too sour, add a little sugar, if it's too bland add some heat.

I like to use coconut oil, and you can sauté the veggies first if you like.

the taste bud kicker at the end, is cut up limes to squeeze into it and cilantro or mint and diced onion as a garnish.
we're also really really into chilli garlic pastes, like the ones that Sriracha sauce company makes (Huy Fong Foods)
there's a couple of photos attached. I just experimented and found what we liked most.




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