Taylor, you are soooooo baaaaad! LOL!

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Jul 8, 2009
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SW Wisconsin
I just have to tell you this, because I think it's funny!

On Wednesday, just before American Idol started, my husband had to take our 37 year old son to the ER. I told him I'd record the show and when he got home we'd watch it together to see who became the Idol winner. When he still wasn't home by quarter to ten I called him and asked how things were going and he said he didn't know when he'd be able to come home. So, I said I wouldn't watch it until he arrived. He said, "If you somehow find out who the winner is, don't tell me!"

I told him that I was turning off the TV and wouldn't listen to the radio, and he said he wouldn't listen to the radio in his truck on the way home from the hospital, either, so it would still be a surprise for both of us.

Well, he didn't get home and didn't get home, and I was getting tired of waiting up for him, so I decided to go on line. I came to the Back Pork around 1 AM, still not knowing who'd won, and never thinking that when I loaded the Back Pork I'd see a post saying, "Scotty Won!" LOL!

My husband and I both blacked ourselves out from all news sources so we could watch it together and be surprised, and here you spoiled it for me! Hahaha!

But even funnier is that when my husband finally got home at 1:30 AM he told me that around 11 PM a nurse in the ER came in and said, "Scotty won American Idol!"

So we both ended up knowing who won! And actually, when he finally got home there was no way we were going to watch the show as we were both too tired, so knowing who won was better in the long run, because we knew it would be all over the media the following morning. We ended up watching the show Thursday night, pretty much fast-forwarding through a lot of it and just watching the Idol performances and Scotty's win.

Taylor Richelle

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Aug 2, 2010
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Sebago ME
HAHA opps! I was hoping I wouldn't ruin it for anyone
That is too funny though!

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