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Nov 30, 2002
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I will do this in reg font so im talking to the computer so if things look funny blame it....

Lot 1 Michigans Chief Red Socks 4 year old stallion $3150.00

Lot 2 Diablos Painted Holly C&M mare sold as open Foundation $1300.00

Lot 3 Michigans Sockeyed Joe.. red yearling stud very flashy 1600.00

Lot 4 Michigans Spirit of Liberty grey 2 year old gelding 800.00

Lot 5 Town and Countrys Baby Ruth 13 year old bay mare 450.00

Lot 6 Baby Ruths Bay Cupcake 3 year old daughter of above mare 4000.00

Lot 7 Wild Acres Rose Bud, AMHR AMHA Ptha 2 year old mini 800.00

Lot 8 Xanadu, 17 year old Bay modern broodmare, 3500.00

Lot 9 Red Rock kids Sweet Independance, 11 year old Pinto Foundation 800.00

Lot 10 Michigans Little Princess, Grey ASPC AMHR yearling 5000.00 Everetts, NY

Lot 11 Michigans Wrapped in Silver ASPC AmHR grey pinto 2300.00 Snowberry MI

Lot 12 Michigans Blueprint to Success ASPC/AMHR grey 1600.00 Abbott NY

Lot 13 Michigans Mother Maggie ASPC/AMHR Grey 2500.00 McCarthy NY

Lot 14 Michigans Me Too Generation ASPC AMHR Grey pinto 1700.00 Sullivan PA

Lot 15 Michigans Shirley T Bay ASPC but will go AMHR 2250.00 I bought HEr!!!!

Lot 16 Michigans Cheries Jubilee Chestnut Modern 600.00

Lot 17 Michigans My Aching Heart Bay Modern 6750.00

Lot 18 Michigans Athena Bay modern yearling 2150.00 I think cant make out my writing

Lot 19 Michigans Sundae Supreme Chest Modern Tiny! 4250.00

Lot 20 Michigans Fortune Cookie Black Pinto Foundation yearling 2600.00

Lot 21 Michigans Rag time Gal Foundation aspc 3000.00 Cheryl Fleuhr (sp)

Lot 22 Michigans Royal Princess Bay Pinto Yearling aspc 1900.00

Lot 23 Michigans Miss Libby ASPC Gray Pinto 1000.00

L0t 24 Michigans Mary Jane ASPC Bay Pinto 2200.00

Lot 25 Michigans China Doll Black Pinto ASPC 2200.00

Lot 26 Michigans Kal Girl. Black and white ASPC 1000.00 Sullivan PA

Lot 27 Michigans Two Tone Taffy Black and white ASPC 2600.00

Lot 28 Michigans BC Night Time Lover. Aspc dapple injured leg 550.00

Lot 29 michigans Little Abner Bay gelding, Injured eye 200.00

Lot 30. Michigans Private Eye Grey ASPC Gelding 1100.00

Lot 31 Michigans King of the Rock Bay pinto ASPC gelding 850.00

Lot 32 Michigans Master JAck Black piinto ASPC gelding 900.00

Lot 33 Michigans Soprano Black pinto ASPC gelding 600.00

Lot 34 Michigans Prize Taffy, Grey pinto ASPC Gelding 900.00

Lot 35 Michigans Wind Runner Bay Pinto ASPC gelding 850.00

Lot 36 Michigans Motown Hero Bay ASPC gelding 900.00

Lot 37 Michigans Oh So Sweet ASPC AMHR yearling gelding over size.amhr 900.00

Lot 38 Quins Rabbit with cage and feed 25.00

Most of the horses were yearlings unless otherwise specified. All gelding but 37 and 31 eligible but not registered.

Respectfully submitted.



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Oct 18, 2003
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[SIZE=14pt]Figures my pic of the litter was sale topper

Thanks for posting Lyn!


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