Splash, Registered(Papers Lost) ASPC/AMHA? Gelding

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Jul 8, 2021
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Splash, or "Scaredy Cat"

Around 36-38"

Gelding, 2017-baby

All-Rounder: In-hand Hunter(In-Training), Trail, Showmanship, Halter, Driving(In-Training)

Red Tobiano

Splash is my heart horse, by far!
Being as anxious, frightened, and sensitive as he is, he is so rewarding with how he chooses to put trust in you and interacts with you once he knows you are indeed, safe. He lets you know when he is uncomfortable or confused, and asks for you to step back and approach the situation in a different way. He doesn't do well with pressure and a bad mood, but simply melts when you take it slow and reward him for even the smallest of tries, going at his own pace.
Despite his "vices", he is quite the cuddlebug and will ask for kisses when you lean down and will come walk to you when he sees you in the pasture,(looking for some treats!) inspecting your hands before anything else. He is the most fun to work with, getting bored easily but super focused at the same time! Every now and again he'll mistake stride poles as a part of the jump, giving you a laugh, one of his many quirks. With his lofty gaits and scopey jump, he enjoys going over bounces and soaring over high-arm crossrails. Just don't rush him at shows around a sharp corner, you'll get a stop and confusion.

Resized_20210717_150919.jpg DSC_0136_36_1032x774.jpg DSC_0137_36_1032x774.jpg DSC_0138_35_1032x774.jpg

I hope you love him as much as I do!

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