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Nov 30, 2002
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On behalf of the Amateur Committee, we are asking that you please pass this along to your club members. The for sale on the AMHA website. These special Lifetime Memberships aren't available through traditional means anymore. The Finance Committee was gracious enough to give the Amateur Committee two of these special memberships to sell to the highest bidders. All the bidding instructions are up on the site. The funds collected for the two memberships will be split between AMHA and the Amateur Fund. The Amateur Fund goes toward the Amateur Appreciation Party, the Amateur Photography Contest and 2 year end Amateur Awards plus other amateur related promotions and contests. We really appreciate everyone's support. If you know of someone who would like to purchase one of these prestigious Lifetime Memberships, please send them to www.amha.org

Thanks Again,

Allison Rosauer & Martha Hickham

Co-Chairs 2005 Amateur Committee
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