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May 9, 2008
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Here are some pics of my minis and some that I have had in the past.

This is Rosie my first mini who is now the grand old age of 17yrs young

Here is Teddy - who came with Rosie and again 17yrs young - he is also the Daddy of my new foal.

Excuse the fact that he is a little fat in the pics and he was also having a hair do so not too impressed

This is Slaney the Dam of my new foal - she is a Dunalino and a fab little mare.

Slaney also being dollied up for show - legs were still to be done

Here is a pic taken a couple of yrs ago of a filly from Teddy and Rosie - all decked out in her winter woolies.

Oh and same filly only a couple of wks old checking out the dogs

This is Cruise - last yrs Cremello Colt foal out of my mare Slaney and by an American Stallion Birchwood UK Sundance

Here he is now these pics were taken last week after he had a full clip - Cruise now lives in the UK.

This is Tyson - a Section B mini who finished at 36" at the wither. He now lives in Kilrush Co. Clare.

This is Silver Grace Silver Shimmer - aka Shimmer. She is a yearling filly who measures 29 1/4" to the wither at 10 mths. She is currently being tested for silver but we think she is a Chocolate Black Sabino (Hz for the Sabino gene) She is 50% American - her sire is Silver Grace Serious Stuff and her Grandsire is NXS Powerplay.

The attack of the Clippers - just to let you see how much hair she was under

The finished Product

And of course finally my 1 day old colt foal. Prince aka Banners Little Red Corvette

Well thats all I can find - hope you like them and I have bored you too much with all my waffling on

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