Some new pictures of our girls...PIC HEAVY!!!

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Jun 18, 2005
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Here's some updated pictures of our yearling FWF Little Wardance g-daughter. We had sold her and a friend took her to Wyoming with her when she picked up her mares to help make shipping easier. Well...the sale fell through and our friend kept Topsy for the winter (and spring and summer!!) and then used her with her 4-H kids. The little girl that showed her brought her to one open show and they took Reserve Junior Champion mare!

Here she is...all 27.25" of her:

And what she looked like before we sent her off

And here is Topsy's 3/4 sister from this year. I just love her! She is put together so well. (yes--I am barnblind though!) Sorry-she's not really set up because it was just me taking the pictures without any help and of course she didn't want to cooperate. I need help with the pictures of her moving. I don't know if any of them are good and if they are which ones! I've never really been into driving, but to me I think she's a good mover. Any help--even critiques would be great--p.s. I won't be angry with your honest opinions so don't worry about posting.

Thanks and sorry if the pics are really big! I'm not sure how to change the size

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