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Oct 20, 2005
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In March I was hem hawing around about sending my boy out with a trainer all season. Last year Tim & Linda Tibbs were good enough to take him last minute to Nationals and did very well with him so I sent him to them again. Plus they are 1 1/2 hours from me and for a while I debated about running some mares up to him (that was until I figured up the gas
). Anyway the first of April they picked him up and the first time I saw him was this past weekend at the S.F. show.

While he made it into the Champion of Champion class for the AMHR day he didn't get anything but he came away with the Supreme Halter Horse under two judges for the AMHA day.

Pheonix is one of my favorite horses of all time, he is just a love, although I have heard he's a little "hormonal" at the moment. :DOH!

My husband called me on Sunday to tell me that Sat. night Phenoix's dam gave me a look-alike full brother. Now I wouldn't say he's a look-alike but I am awful excited to see him naked.

Thanks for listening to one proud mama ramble.


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Dec 8, 2005
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Clatonia, NE
That is BEYOND COOL to have that AWESOME win!!
I'm SO EXCITED for you Marlee!!! You should be on CLOUD NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is a NICE BOY!!!!!!!! Doesn't he have a full brother just born over the weekend!
Can't wait to see pictures of him!!
I wish you were coming down to Centrals!!

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