Small mares, breeding, they show so soon

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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
I have a 28" mare, King Supreme daughter, I bred to Tango on April 10, and you can tell she is in foal already!!
She looks like my other mares do at about 9 months in foal. Already feel sorry for her as she has a ways to go. She did not have a foal this year, but did last year and she looks like an elephant on a twinkie diet when it is very close to the time to foal.

I know with her size, kind of hard to hide it. I do keep a close eye on her weight, I'd hate to have to roll her in from the pasture.

Other ways to feed the smaller mares in foal???????

Is it just mine or do your small mares do the same?


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Jun 18, 2005
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I have some mares that you can tell right off the bat that they're in foal and others that you just can't tell at all until they have a little fuzz ball running beside em! My small ones-under 30 always get the preggie belly before my bigger ones do. I feed them just them same and they always seem to do fine. If she starts to drop weight that's when you have to worry!

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