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Mar 27, 2004
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I had to start a new thread. I just put a scare in me to think of Betty not putting out the Showcase. I just love it. It gives me a feeling of what it is like on other farms. Not, just the US and Canada, but all over the world.

It reminds me ofa magazine that I used to get. I think it was Farm and Ranch. The colors and the attention to family life was there.

After Hart read the last Showcase issue, it was right before dinner time, he said, " Maybe if she'd put some recipes in here, you would make me something to eat". I got to thinking about that and maybe it would be a good idea.

Betty could call it" How to Keep the Old Man happy during foaling. All that most of them really ask for is control of the romote and that their bellies are full. I have one recipe that seem to last along time in the fridge and microwaves real well.

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